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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

The air pressure of your car tyres should ideally always remain between 30-35 psi. However, if you use inadequately inflated tyre products, there can be several challenges in driving your vehicle comfortably. Hence, vehicular experts suggest a routine tyre pressure check at least once every month.

If the search for ‘tyre pressure check near me’ has brought you to this webpage, you have reached the right place. At Kenton Tyres, we are committed to ensuring your complete road safety. That is why we use advanced machinery to provide a tyre pressure check Harrow at an affordable rate.

Challenges of using over or under-inflated tyre models

Some of the difficulties you can face driving with inordinately inflated tyre products include:

  • Reduced road contact area of a tyre
  • Significant decrease in steering stability
  • Lack of braking efficiency
  • Decreased cornering precision
  • Prematurely worn-out tyre tread
  • Enhanced scope of a tyre blowout

What do we do?

Our experts with hands-on experience use a top-of-the-line tyre pressure gauge for accurate assessment. Then, depending on whether this product is over or under-inflated, we decide our next course of action.

If the tyres are under-inflated, we will determine whether the leakage is causing that and subsequently provide prompt resolutions. Nevertheless, if a leak is not the issue, we will use a superior-quality pump to re-inflate the models.

On the other hand, if these products are over-inflated, we will safely release the extra air using the valve stem of the tyres.

Please note that our experts will conduct this procedure, keeping the manufacturer-specified inflation level as the point of reference. This manufacturer specification is in the owner manual or the tyre placard.

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