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Continental Tyres

Since its inception in 1871, Continental has successfully established itself as a leading manufacturer of car tyres globally. Its extensive range of premium models across different variants caters to the diverse requirements of motorists.

Kenton Tyres brings a massive collection of Continental tyres for all major car makes and models.

So, end your search for “Continental tyres near me” with us!

Tyre variants we sell

Summer (Comfort Contact CC6)

Continental summer tyres are composed of a premium hard rubber compound, resisting overheating in high temperatures. In addition, it features Harmonic Comfort Chambers on the inner shoulder. This result in reducing the noise generated while driving.

This variant also offers increased fuel efficiency and cornering performance.

Winter (Winter Contact™ TS 860)

It features a Cool Chili compound that provides excellent braking efficiency on icy roads. Furthermore, this variant has a Liquid Layer Drainage technology that reduces the braking distance on slippery and snowy tracks. Its unique Snow Curve+ technology helps in safe cornering.

All-season (AllSeason Contact™)

Its open shoulder blocks and stiff tread pattern provide superb aquaplaning resistance. In addition, its Traction Silica Compound offers year-round optimal grip and performance.

You can also purchase the following variants from us:

  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Performance Tyres and UHPs
  • Run-flat Tyres

These are just a few examples.

How To Buy Continental Tyres Online?

Step 1: Go to the tyre finder tool

Step 2: Enter your car’s tyre size

Step 3: Go through our collection, select models as per your requirements and place your order. At check-out you can also book a fitting appointment.

You can certainly also come to our workshop to take a look at our collection. We are located at 38 Kenton Park Parade, Kenton Road, HA3 8DN, UK.

For any queries you can also call us on 0208 907 2597.

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